Don’t sing

Don´t, don´t sing
Because I can´t stand you even when you´re happy
Don´t, don´t sing
Cause I don´t know why you try to buy some feeling
Don´t know how you change your lies for billings

When your world is dancing madly on a rope
And every day is falling down a filthy hole
Your poorness ages but your skin remains so young
Your head will overfly when
All realize that you were not so charming
You´ll be held and not by arms precisely
Hands in red will never shake for clapping

Don’t, don’t leave
Cause you don´t know how you make me feel so horny
Don´t, don’t hear
Because I don’t want to even start to ask me
I don´t want to even think about it

Your eyes are full of sadness even when they’re closed
Your conversation smells like fresh air in a box
Your pride and childish shallow makes me melt of love
Your days are always sunny
Your sky is like a shine in mourning
My life is now in flames but cloudy
I died with every smile you left here

Don’t, don’t dream
Because all your worlds were made -in fact- without me
Don’t, don’t weep
Cause I’ll always try to find the crack to get in
Always try to find the crack to get in
Always try and I will finally get in