A loveless song

Look at this limpid sky
It reminds
It reminds me of your eyes

Silence is a voice
That implores
That implores that you come back

I should have -You know-
Hundreds of eyes
To cry the pain
I carry along

I miss so much
Just one of those tears
Because my life has been so dry
Since you’ve gone
Nothing is alive

Tell me where I go
On this road
On this road to change it all

Driving all along
In the dawn
In the dawn of all the hearts

I have paid for more
Than hundreds of sins
With every moment
You’ve been off

And it’s so sad
The air I can breathe
As cold as living frozen out
In this world you’re my only warmth

When all my pleas were done
And all my tries were vain

When all my dreams are gone
And all my fears are there
I need you more

When all my life was torn
And all my being is faint

When all I have are songs
And I recall your face
I need you more